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Wide range of woven and knitted textiles for apparel, uniforms, light industrials, flame retardant fabric, and many other applications that require the use of a knit or woven fabric.

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Reusable medical textiles are ideal when cost is a driving factor and when single-use PPE supply is limited or unreliable. Garments made with Perimeter fabric can be laundered for safe reuse at least 25 times. The current demand for protective medical garments and the potential for shortages in the fall and winter prompted Milliken to prioritize production of the advanced material.“

Scaling up U.S. manufacturing of reusable protective fabrics protects the country’s PPE pipeline, which in turn protects more medical professionals,” said Chad McAllister, president of Milliken’s Textile Division and EVP, Milliken & Co. “These brave people have continued to care for us tirelessly, and we are committed to doing all we can to help keep them safe.”

Milliken’s durable Perimeter fabric is not only engineered for manufacturing Level 1 and 2 gowns for critical medical environments such as trauma centers but also provides a smart solution for other industries such as dental, educational and hospitality environments where advanced PPE is now important. The material’s ability to be used multiple times while maintaining a demonstrated protective barrier makes it a cost-effective, made-in-USA alternative to single-use PPE.

“An increasing number of industries and service providers are looking for American-made PPE solutions to protect their employees and customers. This demand highlights the critical need we noted earlier this year, specifically for the U.S. to have a stable PPE supply chain,” McAllister said. “Our goal at Milliken is to be part of the solution, so we’re proactively taking steps to help avoid another shortage of critical PPE.”

Milliken is collaborating with industry partners to ensure protective garments made with Milliken Perimeter fabric are available immediately across the country.

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Our Sustainable Products

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Recycled Fleece

Our Sustainable Practices

Diverting Waste From Landfill

As a company, we have set a goal of zero waste to landfill for all mediums. For example, the Milliken Carpet Landfill Diversion Program helps customers to reuse, recycle, or convert used carpet into new energy. Also, we use reusable containers for many of our textile products, eliminating cardboard waste.

Our team recycles non-woven scraps into new non-woven textiles, and we donate textile remnants to local charities for repurposing—all in an effort to build a more sustainable world.

History of the Company

Established in 1865 by the Milliken & Deering families. In 1976 we officially became Milliken with headquarters in Spartanburg, SC.

Today we are the largest privately-held US based textile mill, operating over 20 USA production facilities from yarn spinning, weaving, and dyeing & finishing.

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