Transparent Partnership

COTTON USA was the first to class 100% of our crop

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COTTON USA has become the cotton the world trusts because of years of transparent partnership. We are fairly traded. We stand behind our bales — so if something goes wrong, we’re here to make it right. And we were the first country in the world to test 100% of our bales. So you know what you order is what you get. It is just one more example of our commitment to excellence — and your satisfaction.

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100% Machine Classed

We use the latest computer classing technology to make sure every bale is fairly and correctly classed. And our stringent processes insure uniformity and consistency within classes.


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PBI Traceable

Every bale has its own Permanent Bale Identification (PBI) Tag. As each bale goes through the ginning and classing process, this tag goes along with it. So you always know where, when and how it was harvested, ginned and classed.


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100% Tested

Why is it important? So you have the peace of mind knowing that what you order is what you get.


See Our Classing Office

Darryl Ernest, who oversees the grading of the entire U.S. cotton crop, explains the value of 100% testing and offers an inside look at a COTTON USA classing office.


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His mission: Transparency. Accuracy. Innovation

For 28 years, Byron Cole, area director of the Memphis Classing Office, has made sure that mills and manufacturers get exactly the cotton grade they spec. At COTTON USA, we know consistency equals productivity, so we use the latest computerized HVI and PBI technology to class every bale to our high, exacting standards. Look closer at the people of COTTON USA. You’ll see a commitment to precision and care that’s unmatched anywhere.

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