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Look Closer at the Cotton the World Trusts

“No other cotton has our long history of innovation, transparency, and high quality.”

Hall & Partners (2017). Global Perceptions of U.S. Cotton

Trust doesn’t just happen. It’s the integrity of generations that makes it real. At COTTON USA, you’ll find family farmers who are committed to working their fields sustainably and leaving them better for the world. You’ll find a long history of innovative harvesting and ginning technology that results in higher-quality cotton. And you’ll find a commitment to transparent partnership that is unmatched anywhere. Look closer at COTTON USA. You’ll see why we’re the Cotton The World Trusts.

Green cotton field


Meet family farmers using innovative technology to create a greener world.


2 women touching a cotton piece at a factory


Discover how we deliver cotton that is stronger, higher quality and virtually contamination free.


White and gray cotton yarns


COTTON USA is virtually 100% tested, for consistency, and 100% traceable, for peace of mind.


An asian girl holding a cotton dress beside a red-hair woman and both are looking at the dress

Premium Value

Discover all the ways COTTON USA adds value to our business partners and our industry.


A cotton field being watered remotely



See the latest in research and blended cotton fabric technology.


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