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Discover high tech natural cotton blends that do everything from reducing workout recovery times to inhibiting bacteria. See the latest research on how mills can be more productive. COTTON USA is committed to bringing you the latest in cotton innovation. It’s part of the premium value we offer the entire cotton supply chain. And another reason why COTTON USA is the cotton the world trusts.

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Proneem. Stay dry with natural minerals.

Your customers will love Proneem’s DRY PROTECT™ technology. It keeps clothes clean and dry all day, naturally.


V•Dox™: Eliminates Odor and Soreness.

Cotton fabric with V•Dox™ Technology uses microcell batteries to mimic skin’s electrical energy and improve performance.

Oritain™. Product Traceability without Labels or Codes.

Oritain’s traceability method identifies your product’s origin at any point in the supply chain using advanced forensic science. No packaging labels or additives needed.
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ZERO-D® - The Sustainable Answer to AI Fashion!

The ZERO-D® solution brings photo-quality print, health and safety in production and for consumers, creates no pollution, but retains cotton’s softness.


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SigNature®T - Traceability - Transparency - Trust

Applied DNA’s SigNatureT Technology provides traceability at any point in the supply chain for your apparel and textile products.


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Proneem - Stay Dry with Natural Minerals

Your customers will love Proneem’s DRY PROTECT™ technology. It keeps clothes clean and dry all day long, naturally.


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Solucell - A New Wave of Comfort

Solucell’s SolucellAir and Zero-Twist technologies help produce home textile products that are soft, light weight, and fast drying.


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Celliant® - For Faster Workout Recovery Times

FDA-Determined Celliant technology increases localized blood flow and energy, enhances performance and promotes quicker recovery.


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Life Natural - Anti-bacterial - The Natural Way

Introducing anti-bacterial towel and bed linens made with U.S. cotton and Life Natural, an antimicrobial made from sustainable, natural materials.


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