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The COTTON USA Licensing Program

Licensees may utilize the COTTON USA™ Mark to highlight U.S. cotton products throughout the supply chain and at retail. COTTON USA™ supports partners with a range of value-added services, and the benefits of partnership are tangible. To qualify for a COTTON USA™ license, the products must contain greater than 50% U.S. cotton.

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Licensee Qualifications

Mills, manufacturers, wholesalers, sourcing companies, brands and retailers can become licensees:

    • OUTSIDE THE USA: To use the COTTON USA™ Mark on products sold outside the USA, all licensees (mills, manufacturers, wholesalers, sourcing companies, brands and/or retailers) must use >50% U.S. cotton in the products (garments, home textiles and non-wovens).
    • INSIDE THE USA: To use the COTTON USA™ Mark on products sold inside the USA, the products must contain >50% cotton and 100% of the cotton must be U.S. cotton.
    • BOTH: If a product is sold both outside and inside the USA, it must follow the guidelines for “INSIDE THE USA” to be licensed.
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Get Started

COTTON USA™ makes it easy for our licensees. We ask that you submit a verification form with your product information for review.

For more details, please connect with your local CCI representative. Click below to view the list of representatives by region.

Our Licensees

There are over 700 COTTON USA™ licensees worldwide. Here are a few of our partners.

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