Buhler Quality Yarns Corp.


1881 Athens Hwy.
Jefferson, GA 30594

Phone: (706) 367-9834
Fax: (706) 367-9837
Web Site: www.buhleryarns.com

Samil Seoul Office
C-1207, Munjeong-SK-V1-GL-Metrocity
128, Beobwon-ro, Songpa-gu
Seoul, Korea
Phone: +82-2-527-0231
Email: globalsales@samil-sp.co.kr
Web Site: www.samil-sp.co.kr

Contact name/number:

Mr, Marty Moran, CEO
Telephone: +1 706 367-3900
Fax: +1 706 367-9837
E-Mail: mmoran@buhleryarns.com

Mr. Eric Noe, President
Telephone: +1 706 367-3901
Fax: +1 706 367-9837
E-Mail: enoe@buhleryarns.com

Mr. David Sasso, VP of Sales
Telephone: +1 706 367-3931
Fax: +1 706 367-9837
E-Mail: dsasso@buhleryarns.com

Ms. Dee Dee Harris, Director of US Sales
Telephone: +1 910 606-2300
E-Mail: dharris@buhleryarns.com

List of Senior Management:

Mr. Eric Noe, President
Mr. Marty Moran, CEO
Mr. David Sasso, Vice-president Sales
Ms. Dee Dee Harris, Director of US Sales
Mr. Jeff Gladden, Textile Engineer & Technical Support
Ms. Kelly Ouellette, Sales & Customer Service

History of Company:

Launched in 1996, our US facility in Jefferson Georgia is the leading supplier of fine-count yarns in the United States. Our commitment is to service, long-standing industry partnerships and quality products. Buhler started supplying fine count yarns to the sheeting manufacturers in 1996. By year 2,000, Buhler doubled its capacity in ring spinning and diversified its products to enter primarily the knit market. In April of 2017, Buhler Quality Yarns was acquired by Samil Spinning of Korea. Samil and Buhler share the same passion for quality, service, and innovation. This acquisition allows Samil Spinning to have a footprint in both eastern and western hemisphere. Jointly, Samil and Buhler can provide an incredible list of yarn products and services.

Since 1979, the Samil Group has been producing high-value added yarns and fabrics to meet apparel fashion trends and industrial/military woven fabric needs. Samil´s success has gain recognition from buyers domestically and internationally. In addition, their drive to innovate has attracted the collaboration of not only textile machinery manufacturers but also fiber manufactures.

For many global brands and retailers, Buhler and Samil are the requested spinner of choice. Both companies provide more than just yarns; it’s the entire package (Yarns Plus)


Buhler Quality Yarns Corp. - Ringspun
Supima 100%
Ring 12-112 Ne
Ecosil (MVS) – 12-50 Ne starting May 2018

Buhler Quality Yarns Corp. - Micro Modal
Supima/MicroModal 50/50
Ring - 20-50 Ne,
Ring Slubs - 20’s to 44’s Ne
Ecosil (MVS) – 12-50 Ne

MicroModal and Tencel 100%
Ring 20-50 Ne
Ecosil (MVS) – 12-50 Ne

From Samil Spinning
100% Rayon 30’s and 40’s Ne
80/20 Poly/ Rayon, Modal, Tencel 30’s and 40’s Ne
100% Polyester 30’ and 40’s Ne
Other yarns available upon request

End Uses:

Weaving (warp and Filling)
Knitting (Circular, Seamless, Warp)
Sewing thread
Industrial and Military Applications

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