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Mr. Charles Heilig, President
Phone: (704) 874-5000
Fax: (704) 874-5176

Mr. Dan Morrison Vice President Sales & Major Accounts
Phone: (704) 874 5000 Ext. 5135
Fax: (704) 874 5176

List of Senior Management:

Mr. Anderson D. Warlick, Vice Chairman & CEO
Mr. Charles S. Heilig, President

History of Company:

Parkdale Parkdale is proud to be one of the top sales yarn spinners in the world! We are the single largest consumer of USA grown cotton; using in excess of 25,000 bales of cotton each week. We have twenty seven manufacturing facilities in the US, one in Mexico, and one in Colombia. With speed to market extremely critical in today’s challenging environment, we have added distribution centers strategically located in Honduras, El Salvador, and the Dominican Republic to support our customers. Reinvesting in the latest technologies is a backbone of our rich history. Parkdale was founded in 1916 and remains committed to being an industry leader. As an industry leader we constantly are investing in the latest technologies. Parkdale has invested over $150 million USD in the last several years to remain with the most efficient spinning plants in the world. Today we are focusing our invest installation of ring spinning cotton and blends. These investments demonstrate our commitment in the latest technologies to keep our customers competitive in the global market.

Parkdale manufactures fine yarns using open end spinning, ring spinning, air jet and vortex spinning technologies for the knit, woven, hosiery, and industrial end uses. We produce 100% cotton, 100% polyester, cotton / polyester blends, heather blends, and tri-blend yarns. We have expanded to include many specialty fibers such as rayon, modal, acrylics, and FR rated fibers as well. In open end yarns we offer a style spun “soft OE” yarn. Slub yarns in open end spinning and ring spinning as well as the latest negative slub effect in ring spinning.

In Colombia, Parkdale operates an open end spinning and ring spun facility in the Rio Negro area. This facility opened in 2005 and has quickly gained an excellent reputation for supplying quality spun yarns. We have the ability to offer 100% cotton on open end spinning, 100% combed cotton on ring spinning, and a variety of specialty yarns as well. These include cotton heathers, slubs and negative slubs, and other novelty yarns as well. With the importance of speed to market, specialty development, and quality being key to our industry, Parkdale is excited about the opportunity to meet your needs.


  • 100% cotton ring spun yarns, 6/1-40/1 Ne, combed & carded
  • 50/50 & 60/40 cvc ring spun yarns, 12/1-40/1 Ne, combed & carded
  • 100% cotton open-end and soft spun yarns, 6/1-30/1 carded & combed
  • 50/50 & 60/40 cvc open end yarns, 7/1 – 36/1 carded
  • Air Jet yarns, 12/1-40/1 Ne, carded cotton & 100% polyester
  • Heathers, 5/1-30/1 Ne, combed and carded OE & RS
  • Evergreen® yarns, open-end, 5/1-20/1 Ne
  • Organic cotton yarns, 6/1-30/1 Ne, OE & RS
  • Slub Yarns and Tri-blend Yarns
  • Specialty fibers including modal, rayon, acrylic, and many others upon request

End Uses:

Knitting yarns
Weaving yarns
Hoisery yarns
Industrial Yarns
Specialty Yarns

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