U.S. Cotton Production Overview

The key to producing quality yarn starts with the selection and blending of raw cotton fiber. Each year cotton buyers in every U.S. textile mill studies closely the development of the U.S. crop and pays particular attention to the class and grade of cottons that are grown in the four primary growing regions of the U.S. Textile mills will blend cotton styles from various regions to produce yarn that has the right performance characteristics for their customers.

The U.S. "Cotton Belt" includes eighteen states that stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans. The largest producing states are Texas, California, and Mississippi. Cotton is planted in the United States in the spring and harvested in the fall each year. After harvesting, the cotton is processed at the cotton gin to remove the fiber or "lint" from the fiber. The fiber is then packaged in 480 pound bales. Of the total U.S. raw cotton production, around 75% is exported to textile mills around the world. China is the largest export market for U.S. raw cotton, followed by Mexico and Turkey. Within the Western Hemisphere, US raw cotton is also exported to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala and El Salvador.

The Southeast, the home of the U.S. textile industry, and the Mid-South produces medium staple length cottons that are used to produced carded or combed ring or open end yarns from NE 6 to 40 count. The Southwest produces primarily shorter staple cottons used to produce carded coarse count open-end yarns from NE 1-18. The West is the center of the U.S. long and extra long staple cottons. Acala style cotton, known as SJV for the San Joaquin Valley of California and Pima cottons grown in the West are used to produce fine count ring spun yarns from NE 30 to 80 count.

U.S. yarn spinners can provide you with high performance quality yarns suitable to your needs regardless of whether you are looking for carded coarse count open-end yarns or fine combed ring spun yarns. You can be assured that the yarns and fabrics manufactured in the U.S. are made with the highest quality raw fiber made in the USA. By using the best raw materials, US cotton yarns and fabrics are second to none.

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