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Category 332: Cotton Hosiery

Category 336: Cotton Dresses

Category 338: Cotton Knit Shirts, Mens and Boys

Category 339: Cotton Knit Shirts & Blouses, Womens and Girls

Category 340: Cotton Woven Shirts, Mens Boys

Category 341: Cotton Woven Shirts and Blouses, Women Girls

Category 342: Cotton Skirts

Category 345: Cotton Sweaters

Category 347: Cotton Trousers, Shorts, etc. Mens and Boys

Category 348: Cotton Trousers, Shorts, etc. Womens and Girls

Category 349: Cotton Brassieres & Body Support Garments

Category 350: Cotton Robes and Dressing Gowns

Category 351: Cotton Nightwear and Pajamas

Category 352: Cotton Underwear

Specialized Report for United States Cotton Apparel Imports

Antex Knitting Mount Vernon Mills, Inc.中央紡織/科斯沃工業卡洛來納棉紡廠(Carolina Cotton Works, Inc.)圖斯卡羅拉紡織公司(Cap Yarns)布勒紗線公司 Buhler Quality Yarns Corp.康坦波拉纖維 (Contempora Fabrics)派克岱爾Parkdale漢姆瑞克紡紗廠 (Hamrick Mills, Inc.)瑞士紡織科爾美國公司米利肯公司 (Milliken & Company)邊界紡紗廠 Frontier Spinning Mills, Inc.